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Born in 1983, she began her classical studies at the Vic School of Music. I study with Jaume Ayats, Quim Térmens, Eva Graubin and Kai Gleusteen and obtain the higher degree in classical and contemporary violin at the ESMUC with the final project "Portrait of two contemporary worlds: from the group of six to the gipsy swing". At Esmuc I complement my training and get started in early music with Manfredo Kraemer, baroque violin .

At the same time I advance in the world of traditional violin and folk, I attend courses and meetings of Turkish, Breton, bluegrass, flamenco and improvisation music by Hamid Khabbazi, Gabriel Lenoir, Mike Barnett, Alex Hargreaves, Joan Asensio, among others. others.

In 2010 I moved to Paris (Dammarie Les Lys) to study jazz violin with Didier Lockwood and Johan Renard at the Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood. Modern harmony, jazz piano, jazz repertoire workshops, African, Indian, flamenco, Brazilian, Latin, manouche, fusion, rythm'n'blues, with Marc Bertoumieux, Olivier Louvel, Benoit Sourisse, André Charlier, Olivier Hutman, André Villéger, others.

In 2012 I obtained the Diploma in Jazz and Improvised Music.

As an instrumentalist I have been part of numerous groups of very varied styles. He has collaborated, either live and / or in recordings with La Carrau, Xazzar, El Pont d'Arcalís, Cia. Nadaquever, Elena Gadel, El Chinchilla, Guillem Roma, among others, and has acted in the television series Lo Cartanyà co-produced by tv3 and El terrat.

Performances throughout Catalonia, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Senegal and France.

Mia Coll

"Sempre m'ha atret la idea de fer sonar el violí de maneres diferents. Reunint diverses cultures i tradicions. Sense barreres de gènere ni d'època. Un dia vaig descobrir que podia tocar sense partitures, improvisar i tocar la música que sentia a dins. Des de llavors sóc una enamorada del procés creatiu, fabricant i dissenyant els meus propis sons i creant la meva pròpia música"


Coloma Bertran is a violinist, composer and pedagogue born in Vic (Barcelona) with a heterogeneous experiential background and an eclectic spirit.


Currently, in full artistic development, he works on the composition of his own themes for the different projects he leads and combines performances, disc recordings and teaching. Among the most recent projects we find, the creation of new compositions for his solo project where he combines the violin with modern technology and minimalist electronics, his participation as a composer for a new traditional Catalan dance show, he collaborates with the poet Raquel Santanera and also with the dancer Laura Marsal with whom they create spaces of interpretive freedom and experimentalism where spontaneous creation plays an important role.


He teaches workshops using his own methods and continues to create his own teaching materials. Her constant research has led her to develop a personal and creative language, improvising, reinventing the instrument, in love with the creative process, manufacturing and designing her own sounds with a distinctive melodic sensibility.


Creator of her own musical projects, Bertran shows us the compositions she creates sometimes in solo format, using violins, voices, loops and synthesizer keyboard and other times with her own quartet. He opts for a hybrid sound where old and contemporary elements come together with a timbre and color of his own forged from his more than 20 years of collaborations with bands, singer-songwriters and various projects. ​


Driven by a spirit of research and experimentation, she wants to show other ways of seeing the world and explaining it, creating different musical universes without gender or era barriers, bringing together different cultures and traditions. Using music as a language and improvisation as a tool, its purpose is self-expression, and its philosophical purpose is the search and expression of truth and beauty. He understands art as a tool for human and social transformation in favor of peace, understanding creativity as the process of giving life and as the opposite of destruction. ​


Fotografia Mia Coll

He has traveled performing in countries such as Italy, France, Holland, Senegal and Hong Kong, performing and collaborating since the age of 16, with a large number of formations of all kinds of genres and disciplines such as Orquestra de Cambra Terrassa48, Lo Cartanyà (Tv3 ) Les Violines, Elena Gadel, Kiko Veneno, Obeses, Fundación Tony Manero, Arnau Tordera, Manuel Fuentes, Sabor de Gràcia, Guillem Roma, Gemma Humet, among others and Càntut Belda & Sanjosex with whom they received the Enderrock Prize from the critics to best Folk album 2016.


He has participated in more than thirty recording works, two of which are to his name: Principis (Segell Microscopi 2022) and Nocturns i diamants (Segell Microscopi, 2020). And L'Era sense Pols - a duo and co-edited with Marc Del Pino (Seed Music, 2017). ​


After graduating in classical and contemporary violin performance at ESMUC Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, he moved to Paris to study and deepen jazz violin and improvised music at the CMDL Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood with teachers such as Johan Renard and Didier Lockwood. At the same time and attracted by the different sound possibilities of the violin, she diversifies her sonority and goes into very different musical worlds and starts in different styles and techniques, attending courses, learning by ear and self-taught: musics of Mediterranean, Balkan, flamenco, Irish, gypsy jazz, tango and bluegrass roots.

After this stage, Coloma Bertran returned to Catalonia and established himself as an artist and pedagogue, performing and collaborating with very diverse artists but already with a sound of his own.

He later obtained a grant for the extension of international studies (2015) where he traveled to Holland to study gypsy jazz and a grant for creation (2016) which allowed him to plant the seed of what would be his second recording work.


In 2020 Coloma Bertran makes his solo debut with his first album of original music, a poetic proposal for solo violin where he experiments with loops and effects pedals and invites some singers from the Catalan music scene - Gemma Humet, Arnau Tordera, Carles Belda , Ju, Sanjosex, Guillem Soler and Dia Sañé - to give voice to the poems he has set to music. Two of these poems set to music are selected and nominated for the Lluis Llach Land and Culture Competition.


In 2022 Coloma Bertran presents a new quartet project of his own composition with transcultural jazz/folk influences which is one of the 3 groups selected to participate in the international program Global Music Match 2022. The quartet is made up of musicians with a long career: Quim Abramo and Soldevila on electric guitar, Franco Molinari on double bass and Joan Carles Aguerri on drums.


As a composer, some of her works are published in the "Collection of scores of the Rural Course" and in 2022 she publishes a book of scores for violin, violin and voice, looper and ensemble with her own teaching materials with the aim of helping to other musicians to connect with the pleasure of creating and to discover their unique way of making music.


In the field of pedagogy, he has trained with the prestigious international pedagogues Vartan Manoogian, Sheila Nelson, Mimi Sweigh, Hong Anh Shapiro and Arlette Biget. With more than twenty-five years of experience, she has been a teacher at the EmVic Network, at the Tradicionàrius de Tona, at the Center des musiques du Pays de Bière in Cély en Bière, at the Center des musiques de Dammarie-Lès-Lys ( France), at the Séjours musicaux et artistiques européens pour enfants et jeunes (2011), at the Rural Diatonic Accordion and Folk Violin Course (2010-2014), Mas de Bigues Musical Space (2012), at the Modern Music School of Girona (2016).


In 2022 she is one of the professors invited to the Barcelona Fiddle Congress and since 2017 she has taught different workshops on improvised music, creativity, jazz repertoire, folk, "The violin, amplification, loops, pedals of effects" and "The search for one's own musical voice". ​


Consult the entire discography here.

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