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Born in 1983, she began her classical studies at the Vic School of Music. I study with Jaume Ayats, Quim Térmens, Eva Graubin and Kai Gleusteen and obtain the higher degree in classical and contemporary violin at the ESMUC with the final project "Portrait of two contemporary worlds: from the group of six to the gipsy swing". At Esmuc I complement my training and get started in early music with Manfredo Kraemer, baroque violin .

At the same time I advance in the world of traditional violin and folk, I attend courses and meetings of Turkish, Breton, bluegrass, flamenco and improvisation music by Hamid Khabbazi, Gabriel Lenoir, Mike Barnett, Alex Hargreaves, Joan Asensio, among others. others.

In 2010 I moved to Paris (Dammarie Les Lys) to study jazz violin with Didier Lockwood and Johan Renard at the Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood. Modern harmony, jazz piano, jazz repertoire workshops, African, Indian, flamenco, Brazilian, Latin, manouche, fusion, rythm'n'blues, with Marc Bertoumieux, Olivier Louvel, Benoit Sourisse, André Charlier, Olivier Hutman, André Villéger, others.

In 2012 I obtained the Diploma in Jazz and Improvised Music.

As an instrumentalist I have been part of numerous groups of very varied styles. He has collaborated, either live and / or in recordings with La Carrau, Xazzar, El Pont d'Arcalís, Cia. Nadaquever, Elena Gadel, El Chinchilla, Guillem Roma, among others, and has acted in the television series Lo Cartanyà co-produced by tv3 and El terrat.

Performances throughout Catalonia, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Senegal and France.

Mia Coll


Eclectic violinist and composer. Trained in classical and contemporary violin at the ESMuC in a stimulating environment that aroused his curiosity and artistic concerns. Looking to expand his music scene, he moves to Dammarie Les Lys  (France) to study jazz violin at the Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood.  


It was in France that he discovered his passion for jazz and other improvised music and where he created his first compositions, strongly inspired by the figure of his master, the prestigious French violinist Didier Lockwood.  


In 2020 Coloma Bertran debuted solo with "Nocturnes and Diamonds" (Segell Microscopi, 2020) after collaborating on various musical projects such as Càntut - Belda & Sanjosex, Les Violines, Guillem Roma, Elena Gadel, Sabor de Gràcia, Obese and Tony Manero Foundation, among others.  


Already established on the Catalan scene, Coloma Bertran now presents “Principis” (Segell Microscopi 2022), a proposal for a jazz quartet with multicultural influences in which she is accompanied by musicians with a long career.  

Throughout her career she has received several recognitions and has been awarded scholarships on several occasions: in 2022 she was selected by CatalanArts to participate in the international program Global Music Match 2022 with the Coloma Bertran Quartet project, in 2020 two of her poems set to music on the album " Nocturns i diamants" are selected by Lluís Llach for the Terra i Cultura Competition, in 2016 they receive the Grant for the creation of the Fundació Sgae, in 2017 they receive the Enderrock Critics' Award for best Folk album with the project Càntut de Belda & Sanjosex, in 2015 he received the Scholarship for the extension of international studies from the Fundació Sgae.


He has studied with Didier Lockwood, Johan Renard, Kai Gleusteen, Eva Graubin, Manfredo Kraemer and Quim Térmens, among others.


Complements his training by attending L'instrument et l'improvisation (France, 2010), Orquestra Escola de Tango (Barcelona, ​​2013) and Gypsy Jazz Summer School with Tim Kliphuis (Holland, 2015). ​ He has been a member of the Terrassa48 Chamber Orchestra, Cordes del Món (world music), Les Violines (folk dance), Eclectic Colors Orchestra (jazz) and Latitud Tango. He has also collaborated with Xazzar, Elena Gadel, Kiko Veneno (with Cordes del món), Obeses, Fundación Tony Manero, Arnau tordera, Manuel Fuentes & Spring's Team, Sabor de Gràcia, Guillem Roma, Càntut - Belda & Sanjosex. In 2005 he participated in the series Lo Cartanyà produced by Tv3, and later he was part of the musico-theatrical projects Cous Cous de cançons and Mujer creadora. ​


He has participated in more than 30 cd's, 3 of which to his name: Principis (Segell Microscopi 2022), Nocturns i diamants (Segell Microscopi, 2020) and L'Era sen Pols - a duo with Marc Del Pino (Seed Music, 2017). ​

Consult the entire discography here. ​


As a composer, some of her works are published in the Recull de partitures del Curs Rural (Dinsic, 2012) and she obtained the Scholarship for the extension of international studies (Fundació Sgae, 2015) and the Scholarship for the creation (Sgae Foundation, 2016). ​


In the field of pedagogy, he has attended seminars and courses with the prestigious international pedagogues Vartan Manoogian, Sheila Nelson, Mimi Sweigh, Hong Anh Shapiro and Arlette Biget. With more than twenty years of experience, she is a violin teacher in the Emvic Network and in the Emvic Traditional Music Classroom. He has also taught jazz violin at the Center des musiques du Pays de Bière in Cély en Bière and at the Center des musiques de Dammarie-Lès-Lys (France), at the Séjours musicaux et artistiques européens pour enfants et jeunes (2011), folk violin at the Rural Diatonic Accordion and Folk Violin Course (2010-2014), Mas de Bigues Musical Space (2012) and at the Modern Music School of Girona (2016). ​


Currently, in full artistic development, he works on the composition of his own themes and combines performances, disc recordings and teaching.


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