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Coloma Bertran

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Coloma Bertran is a violinist and composer from Barcelona with a background heterogeneous experiential and eclectic spirit that has led him to develop a language personal and created, improvising, reinventing the instrument, making and designing their own own sounds with a distinctive melodic sensibility.


Creator of her own projects musicals, Bertran shows us the compositions he sometimes creates in solo format, using violins, vocals, loops and synthesizers, with a touch of minimalist electronics and others times with his own quartet. Opt for a hybrid sound where they come together ancient and contemporary elements with a timbre and a color of their own forged from their own more than 20 years of collaborations with bands, singer-songwriters and various projects. how Elena Gadel, Kiko Veneno, Obeses, Terrassa48 Chamber Orchestra, Fundación Tony Manero, Guillem Roma, Gemma Humet, and Càntut Belda & Sanjosex with whom he has traveled acting from the age of 16, in countries such as Italy, France, Holland, Senegal and Hong Kong. Driven by a spirit of research and experimentation, he creates different musical universes without gender or time barriers, bringing together various cultures and traditions.


Using the music as a language and improvisation as a tool, its purpose is self-expression, i its philosophical purpose is the search and expression of truth and beauty. He understands art as a tool for human and social transformation in favor of peace, understanding creativity as a opposite of destruction. Degree in Classical and Contemporary Violin Performance at ESMUC Escola Superior de Music from Catalonia and graduated in jazz violin and improvised music at the CMDL Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood in Paris. At the same time and attracted by the different sonorous possibilities of the violin begins in different styles and techniques: roots music Mediterranean, Balkan, flamenco, Irish, gypsy jazz, tango and bluegrass. later on discover scholarship for the extension of international studies (2015) and scholarship for the creation (2016). As a composer, she has published two books with some of her works and with own teaching materials. As a pedagogue, she is often invited to give workshops on the improvisation and the search for one's own voice.


Currently, in full artistic development, he works on the composition of his own themes for the different projects that he leads and organizes performances, records and teaching.

Waltz for Amanda | Coloma Bertran Quartet
Coloma Bertran i JU | Cançó de bressol (Directe)
Coloma Bertran amb Sanjosex - Homenatge a Teresa d'Ovidi Montllor (Videoclip Oficial)
Principis | Coloma Bertran
Coloma Bertran amb Arnau Tordera - Avui que el sol ens ha sorprès ben alt - J.Coll (VideoOficial)
Coloma Bertran - Fiona (Videoclip Oficial)
Coloma Bertran & JU - Si...
LUA DE MEL · Coloma Bertran

Coloma Bertran
+34 600 74 80 71

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