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The Violins (2007 - 2020)

Guillem Roma (2015-2018)

Cantut - Belda and Sanjosex (2016-2019)

Joan Boada

Tony Manero Foundation

Taste of Grace

Manel Fuentes & Spring's Team

Coloma Bertran & Quim Abramo since 2014

La Carrau

Les Violines and El Pont d'Arcalís


Elena Gadel

Kiko Venom and Ropes of the World

Terrassa Chamber Orchestra48

Eclectic Colors Orchestra

Carles Belda The stories


The Chinchilla

Eudald Palma

Jordi Gas

Gloria Terricabras


The Time Machine

Garden fire / Tourmix

The Dove and the Puma

Creative Woman

Laura Marsal

Castell de Tona dance troupe

The Little Shepherds






Coloma Bertran is a violinist with a wide range of sounds with influences ranging from jazz to classical music to Celtic music, flamenco, bluegrass and gypsy swing. His constant research has led him to develop a personal and creative language, fully immersed in the world of improvisation.

A graduate in Classical Violin Performance from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC, Barcelona, 2008), she moved to Paris and graduated in Jazz et musiques improvisés  at the Didier Lockwood Music Center (2012).  

He has studied with Didier Lockwood, Johan Renard, Kai Gleusteen, Eva Graubin, Manfredo Kraemer and Quim Térmens, among others. Complement your training by attending  L'instrument et l'improvisation (France, 2010) , Orquestra Escola de Tango  (Barcelona, 2013) i  Gypsy Jazz Summer School with Tim Kliphuis (Holland, 2015).

He has been a member of the Terrassa Chamber Orchestra48, of Cordes del Món (world music) and the Eclectic Colors Orchestra (jazz) and Latitud Tango. He has also collaborated and shared the stage with Xazzar, Elena Gadel, Kiko Veneno (with Cordes del món), Manuel Fuentes & Spring's Team, Sabor de Gràcia, Guillem Roma and Belda & Sanjosex.

In 2005 she participated in the series Lo Cartanyà produced by Tv3, and later became part of the musical and theatrical projects Cous Cous de cançons and Mujer creadora.

He has participated in several recordings, the most recent of which have been: Totem (Guillem Soler, 2019), La màquina del temps (Arnau Tordera i Scic, 2019), Petits Regals d'elles (Ona digital, 2018), Fills de les estrelles (Obeses , 2018), Four Seasons (Violins, 2017), The Dustless Era (Duetu, 2017), Verdaguer Shadows and Strawberries (Obese, 2017), Connections (Guillem Roma, 2017), Cantut (Belda & Sanjosex, 2016) , Doble Vivo (Kiko Veneno with Strings of the World, 2016,), VID Very Important Discotheques (Tony Manero Foundation, 2016), Monsters and Princesses (Obese, 2015), Delicate (Elena Gadel, 2014).  

As a composer, some of her works are published in the "Collection of scores of the Rural Course" (Dinsic, 2012) and obtains the Scholarship for the extension of international studies (Sgae Foundation, 2015) and the Scholarship for the creation (Sgae Foundation, 2016).

In the field of pedagogy he has attended seminars and courses with the prestigious international pedagogues Vartan Manoogian, Sheila Nelson, Mimi Sweigh, Hong Anh Shapiro and  Arlette Biget.

With more than ten years of experience, she is a violin teacher in the Emvic Network and in the Emvic Traditional Music Classroom.

He has also taught jazz violin at the Center des musiques du Pays de Bière in Cély en Bière and at the Center des musiques in Dammarie-Lès-Lys (France), at the Séjours musicales et artistiques européens pour enfants et jeunes (2011).  folk violin in the Rural Course of Diatonic Accordion and Folk Violin (2010-2014), Espai Musical Mas de Bigues (2012) and at the Girona School of Modern Music (2016).  

Currently, in full artistic development, he works on composing his own songs and combines performances, recordings and teaching.

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