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(Segell Microscopi, 2022)

PRINCIPIS (Segell Microscopi, 2022) is the title of Coloma Bertran 's second album. A record with a strong personality where very different sounds from jazz and world music come together, cross-cultural jazz, which includes eight of his own compositions, as well as a theme by guitarist Quim Abramo and a very personal adaptation of the famous “My favorite things ”by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein .


"Principis" shows a marked and unique personal sound identity and has renowned musicians and a wide stylistic background.


Coloma Bertran , violin, composition and production.

Quim Abramo Soldevila , electric guitar.

Franco Molinari , double bass.

Joan Carles Aguerri , drums.


(Segell Microscopi, 2020)


After a long career as a member of various musical projects, Coloma Bertran presents her first solo album Nocturns i Diamants (Segell Microscopi, 2020). An intimate work in which the violinist rediscovers herself as a creator with her own sound and brushstrokes that show her journey through the world of jazz, classical music and popular music.


His music exudes naturalness and talent and accompanies us to a world full of sensitivity. The album includes compositions and improvisations for solo violin, musical poems by Víctor Sunyol and Jaume Coll and an adaptation.  


He has had the collaboration of the voices of artists such as Sanjosex , Gemma Humet , Carles Belda , Arnau Tordera , Ju , Guillem Soler and Dia Sañé . 


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