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Coloma Bertran & Quim Abramo Duo

Jazz standards and originals

The tradition of violin and guitar in Jazz, was born with formations such as the duo of Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang (1925 - 1933) and the Quintette du Hot Club de France with Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli (1934 - 1939; 1946 - 1948 ).

Coloma Bertran and Quim Abramo Duo drinks from the sap of these roots and seeks their own sonority with a personal and amplified sound and improvisation, taking advantage of the freedom of the duo format and the alchemy that occurs between the sonorities of the two string instruments and communication and complicity between the two components.
Duet - Coloma Bertran and Marc del Pino

Folk dance and originals

Duetu was born in 2007 when Marc del Pino and Coloma Bertran met at Esmuc; since then they have worked together in both the interpretive and pedagogical fields. It has been ten years of mutual learning and musical and personal growth.
The musical and stylistic essence of his compositions is based on traditional Catalan and European music and in recent years has been complemented by the sounds of swing and improvised music from the roots, after the two members have delved into it. decidedly.
This stylistic miscellany and the baggage of the two musicians has culminated in a personal sonority characterized by a constant play of harmonies and melodic contrasts.
Duetu presents two formats: "folk dance" and "concert".

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Folk dance and composition

RADICAL LLIURE is the new project of Guida Sellarès.

Accompanied by Pep Coca on double bass, Adrià Bonjoch on guitar and Coloma Bertran on violin.



AY MADRE is the new project of Nuria Total.

Accompanied by Gregori Ferrer on piano, Gaddafi Núñez on guitar and percussion and Coloma Bertran on violin.


PROJECTE HU / MANS - Photographic series by Josep Maria Brugera. News to Nació Digital Link


ENCARATS ENQUADRATS - Exhibition of openwork wooden portraits by Joan Rovira Bassas .

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