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Coloma bertran epk

Coloma Bertran Solo  EPK (cat)

Coloma Bertran Solo  EPK (esp)

Coloma press kit

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Downloads & Media:
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"Nocturnes and Diamonds"

Downloads & Media:
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Press Quotes

"The violinist Coloma Bertran has had a long career [...] she has been completing a very complete academic training that has led her to mix various musical styles, such as tradition, jazz, classical and also improvisation [...] ] an eminently eclectic work that is at the same time very personal, as the influences involved in its elaboration are so well filtered that they are not noticed [...] it seems to be at a crossroads where many paths intersect that have different origins and destinations, but a single motive, or a single direction: to contribute to the creation of a fully contemporary musical corpus that flies alone thanks to the fact that it has bases that are inspired by sufficiently solid roots "

Ferran Riera

Magazine of music and popular culture (Caramella Magazine)

"The first thing that happens when you start listening to Coloma Bertran's work is the surprise at the beauty of the pieces she delivers, both the ones she signs, and the version [...] of the classical discipline and the avant-garde included by the music of root. Always with great success and taste "

Paco Valiente

The Sounds of the Blue Planet (UPV Radio)

"... we could hear him doing absolutely everything, from approaching flamenco, to more rooted concepts such as gypsy music, Celtic music, etc ... in short, an all-terrain vehicle [.. .] and a record of what we might call "beautiful"

Albert Puig

DeliCatessen (iCat)

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